Austrian Government Accept and Mandate COVID-19 Test Supplied by Global Development Partnership

Company Global Development Partnership Ltd.
Date 13.01.2021

Earlier this January, 2021, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research published public guidance for national-wide COVID-2019 tests in all schools. From school opening to the semester holidays, all schools in Austria will be provided with around five million antigen tests (Supplier: Beijing LMT Co., Ltd. China) for students.

Antigen tests support prompt test results in 15 mins, particularly suitable for detecting a high viral load. This means people who are highly contagious can be quickly identified. Heinz Faßmann, Bundesminister für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung, advocates that antigen tests are free offer to all students and guardians, he indicates that more children take part in this regular testing, the safer the school life becomes for children and for everyone else.

This is the same principle and security we wish to give to the airline industry with a test which actually specifies the virus doing the damage, not a PCR test which records random virus segments. Responses from Beijing LMT Co., Ltd. that high quality and prompt products supply will be guaranteed to defend the safety for all students and passengers. The company is making progress with its pipeline and continues to work with EU regulatory agencies on timelines, and more COVID-2019 related tests are coming soon in European markets to support sufficient and quick diagnosis fighting COVID-19.


These tests now come with their own App, one App is for the professional conducting the test, one app is for the User being tested. Once the professional conducting the test records the result, it is visible in the User App together with a time and date and suggested validity period.

The technology uses a QR code on every individual test kit and offers a visual medium for anyone wishing to declare themselves negative for the Covid-19/Sars Cov 2 virus.

These tests can be conducted, theoretically, whilst passengers check in for flights. If everyone in an enclosed area, such as a business lounge or on the flight itself can be proven to have a negative result, why should normal business not resume immediately?

For any further information about the test kits, to discuss the pricing, the validation, the certification, please contact:

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