Aviramp Launches The Latest GSE Innovation -The TURNAROUND KIT, starting first with the Aviramp BELT LOADER!!!

Company Aviramp GSE
Date 31.07.2018

Aviramp launches its much anticipated belt loader, as part of the soon to be launched TURNAROUND KIT. The latest groundbreaking and innovative initiative from this highly influential manufacturing company, specialising in producing improved equipment for aviation ground handling.

The ‘Turnaround kit’ comprises three specific components: An Aviramp Boarding Ramp/Bridge, a Belt Loader and a set of steps, completing the streamlined nature of its namesake. The benefits of investing in this kit are the remote control/ ease of use to manoeuvre all three products and the one- person operation to save time and simplify process, alongside the ‘single use training’ required to operate all three products!

So what makes this different from what you can currently buy on the market? Well, the belt loader has an additional aluminium ramp, which allows crew the safest access to easily load heavy electric mobility aids onto the belt without any lifting required. The loader is also height adjustable, both front and rear, to make it incredibly versatile to use on various aircraft types. There is also an auto breaking system built into the equipment, so the emphasis is always on maintaining and improving safety and negating damage, for both user and equipment respectively.

The remote control mechanism offers complete 3D viewing of the entire docking area, and shares the same controls with Aviramp. This gives rise to another key benefit, ground handlers will only need to be trained ‘ONCE’ to use all three pieces of equipment, given that they are all operated in exactly the same way, using the same remote control. So no multi training for multi systems required, just one common operation, meaning a less convoluted process and a more fool proof alternative, given that only one set of instructions need apply to all, no variants, just one common approach. This will also eliminate error, as the team only need to learn ‘once’ how to use the same set of controls to operate all three products.

Simple. Streamlined. Safe.

For all marketing and media enquiries, please contact Terri Smart-Jewkes on terri@aviramp.co or phone 07773 337190.


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