AVIRAMP - The New Improved Solar Powered Lite

Company Aviramp Ltd
Date 10.04.2018

Aviramp now offers a powered LITE, both engine and solar versions.

New features include, improved steering ability, and a fold out walkway with a height adjustable feature, allowing changes to be made, whilst in use as well as statically. It is still a one-person operation, and these new developments, make The LITE even more robust, versatile and time saving. We also offer a canopy option as well, so we can provide roofing, which can often be handy given the diverse weather conditions. Safety is always at the forefront of our minds, so we still include our standard non slip all weather flooring.

In terms of the design, that has remained the same with the wheelchair friendly slope for boarding and deplaning, and the streamlined experience it offers all passengers in general, and especially greater dignity for the PRM.

The LITE can be used operationally against aircraft and statically as a replacement extension bridge for safer boarding and disembarkation, so it is a flexible piece of ground support equipment, offering outstanding return on investment given its multi purpose usage.

The benefits remain as compelling as ever:

  • Improved safety
  • Drives turnaround efficiencies (recent independent trials confirm performance)
  • Huge cost savings
  • Improves passenger Experience
  • Delivers dignity for the PRM boarding/deplaning experience

It might be worth noting that we are working with many airports now with a strong focus on solar power due to environmental concerns/sustainability and introducing a greener policy to ground handling operations.


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