BEUMER Group reveals how big data and machine learning are set to propel baggage handling forward

Company BEUMER Group
Date 04.03.2019

Big data is the cornerstone for new technologies like predictive analytics, 3D visualisation and machine learning that are revolutionising the way airports can approach and optimise their Baggage Handling System (BHS) processes.

On stand 4060 at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo, BEUMER Group will demonstrate a BHS control room with advanced flow visualisation tools that demonstrate the digital twin. Remotely controlled from the control room, BEUMER Group will also demonstrate how machine learning can offer a new approach to reading bag tags using neural networks.

A digital twin provides the airport with a virtual 3D replica of their physical baggage handling system, covering the entire inbound to outbound and transfer processes. The digital twin system can be used by operators and BHS management to predict, analyse and optimise baggage flow by simulating potential future areas of concern or to revisit, evaluate and learn from past BHS events.


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