BEUMER Group’s live and virtual-reality demos of advanced baggage handling technologies at ACI Asia-Pacific General Assembly 2017, Doha

Company BEUMER Group
Date 07.03.2017

BEUMER Group– a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems – will feature live and virtual-reality demonstrations of next-generation baggage handling technologies at the ACI Asia-Pacific General Assembly, Doha, April 10-12th 2017.

The virtual-reality tour will allow delegates to experience the CrisBag® tote-based baggage handling system through a virtual-reality head-set. This will allow delegates to see why many airports consider this to be the future of high-speed, high-efficiency baggage handling.

BEUMER Group will also enable delegates to interact with a live demonstration of a Video Coding System (VCS). This system combines cameras installed in the sortation system, with controls from BEUMER Group’s Airport Software Suite, to eliminate the need to divert bags with no-read tags to a Manual Encoding Station (MES). The VCS technology allows the bag to remain on the sorter whilst sending an image of the tag to an operator for remote encoding at a workstation or via a tablet. The additional benefits of the VCS, including increased flexibility during peak coding periods, have been outlined in a recent BEUMER Group White Paper.

Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director, BEUMER Group A/S, “The VCS is an important tool to help hub airports to improve their baggage transfer service by reducing the number of mis-handled bags. This is one of the areas that can have a significant impact on transfer passenger satisfaction and airport ratings in general.”

The BEUMER Group demonstrations will take place on Stand 5 at the ACI Asia-Pacific General Assembly, Doha, April 10-12th 2017.


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