Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Opens GRE

Company Blast Deflectors, Inc.
Date 31.05.2017

Blast Deflectors, Inc. (BDI), an industry leader in designing and manufacturing blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures (GREs) for airports worldwide, has finalized the latest GRE at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.


Along with general contractor Pave-Al and project consultant WSP, BDI completed the project in April of 2017 with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 19. The GRE was designed to reduce the acoustic impacts of turbo-prop engine run-ups on nearby communities. Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau attended the ribbon cutting ceremony where he commended Billy Bishop Airport owner PortsToronto on their efforts to be a good neighbor within the Toronto area.

“We can find ways to better manage the noise and reduce the impact for people nearby, and that’s exactly what PortsToronto has done, and I congratulate them heartily for that,” Garneau remarked in his speech.
The Billy Bishop Airport GRE is the second of such facilities in Canada (the first is located at the Vancouver International Airport). The GRE is also the first in North America to utilize BDI’s VertiVent™ technology, a patented design introduced in 2015 that utilizes an upgraded aerodynamic system that improves usability in varying wind conditions.
“BDI is proud to have participated in a project that will provide such a tangible benefit to the Toronto community,” said BDI President Don Bergin.
“The impacts of this facility were very important to PortsToronto, which required that the GRE provide a significant acoustic benefit to the communities near the airport without affecting the aesthetics of this beautiful airfield. The use of exterior cladding, along with technical and visual simulations during the design stage, ensured that this facility exceeded expectations,” said Bergin.
The GRE is 63.3 meters (208 feet) wide by 66 meters (217 feet) long with the north wall standing at 14 meters (46 feet) tall and the south wall at 11 meters (36 feet) tall. The interior of the three walls are lined with 1,762 sound-absorbing Noise Blotter™ panels with a 188 millimeter (7.4 inches) thickness. The Noise Blotter™ panels act as a sound barrier and a noise absorber to block transmission and reduce reflection. The three walls are perforated by louvered vents to allow for proper airflow during run-ups, which is critical for aerodynamic performance. The sloped entry, roll top and side vents combine to make BDI’s Stabile Flow™ technology.

About BDI: Blast Deflectors, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and supply of blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures. BDI products improve AOA safety, maximize space and minimize the impacts of aircraft run-up noise for airports and military facilities worldwide.



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