Blastrac - Introducing The Future Of Floor Grinding

Company Blastrac
Date 30.08.2017

We are proud to announce our new floor grinding and polishing systems. We have redesigned our large triple headed floor grinders to perform at your maximum potential!

The new range consists of the BMG-555, BMG-735PRO MKII, BMG-780PRO MKII & BMG-780RS MKII. These machines are equipped with a new Keypad Operation Panel on the steer. All information, including tooling RPM, Voltages and Amps are visable on the steering handle. To easily change the postion of the steering handle we have designed a Quick Release Steer Handle. This way you can move it from a horizontal position to low, up or front position. The heavy duty Quick Release Pin allows you to change the pressure on the grinding head with the Counter Balance Weights. This makes it easier to tilt the machine back. The BMG-735PRO MKII, BMG-780PRO MKII and BMG-780RS MKII have 20% wider and higher wheels for more ground clearance, making it easier to drive over obstacles, has more traction and a wider carrying capacity. The BMG-780RS MKII is equipped with more powerful drive motors. These motors can also be driven by battery for ease of transportation, loading and unloading without cables.

If you would like more information about our new floor grinding and polishing systems, click one of the machines below to visit the product page on our website.






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