Boldly Transforming the Airfield Markings Industry

Company Hi-Lite Airfield Services
Date 08.10.2018

Hi-Lite is revolutionizing airfield markings around the world. Building on years of experience and industry expertise, Hi-Lite offers solutions for comprehensive markings management programs.

Hi-Lite has become the airfield partner of choice for the world’s busiest airports, including Vancouver, Atlanta, Miami, Jeddah, and Dallas. Our Think Z philosophy of Zero Accidents, Zero Defects, and Zero Losses align with the needs and expectations of our customers. Take a look at our video to learn more about our work and innovative programs in airfield safety management.

‘To be bold, aggressive, the best, you must always look to the future and we believe the future is bright and reflective.” John McNeely, CEO


Hi-Lite Airfield Services
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