Bolzano is live

Company A-ICE
Date 12.03.2018

Bolzano is the first “airport in a box”, completely provided by A-ICE.

From flight scheduling to operations management, ground handling operations, turnaround management, baggage tracking, flight information display, check-in, boarding, flight control, security check point, resource management, messaging, load control, fuel management, contact management, aeronautical billing, SGHA, ground handling invoicing, statistics and reports, all the areas of a complete airport are digitalized through A-ICE’s cloud based solutions.

Modular, flexible, configurable, easy to deploy, easy to learn, with high performance, it’s the best solution you can find on the market for small-medium sized airports and ground handlers.
With no infrastructural costs, It is the most cost-effective suite of products in the market, at the lowest TCO ever.
Compliant with all the industry standards, it covers all your needs.

We are very happy with the solution provided by A-ICE, as well as with their efficient support”, Jessica Mucka – Post Holder and Security Manager- says,Now all our departments are integrated. the complete information workflow is covered, with a high improvement of the overall efficiency of the management of all our operations”. Jessica continueswe have full control of our costs, no more worries about infrastructure; we can focus on our core business, that is to provide high level services to our customers, passengers and airlines”.


Via dei Castelli Romani 59/60
00071 Pomezia
  • +39 0690214421