Butzbach expands its corporate structure in the aviation industry

Company Butzbach GmbH Hangar Doors
Date 18.08.2016

Butzbach_hangar_door_004 Butzbach hangar doors are re-known for their operational reliability, their exceptional availability and the superior light conditions they create in the hangar with their special material fibreglass. With this unique combination of advantages Butzbach has, over the past 30 years, evolved into a leading supplier in Europe. A comprehensive array of current projects on airports such as Geneva, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Ashgabat, Moscow, Bodrum and Lagos however show clearly that the company doesn’t limit itself to Europe. With a massive investment in its commercial structure and a new subsidiary in China Butzbach now has set another foundations stone on their way to a global growth strategy.

Many users of hangars are so satisfied with their Butzbach doors that they want to dispose of the same technology for new constructs in other countries and ask the supplier for support on site. Other new requests from all regions of the world come through the exchange of experiences among MRO companies, airports and airlines. In order to strengthen its global project support, the company has expanded its sales network with additional area managers. Dafne Joel, head of the Business Unit Aviation at Butzbach, confirms: “We now have regional specialists on the spot for hangar door projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East as well as East Asia and China.”

Butzbach_hangar_door_006These area managers are highly competent in the hangar door project management and cooperate closely with a network of partners and agents in the diverse countries who guarantee a direct customer support and a fast and reliable service on site.

The Asian and especially the Chinese market are expected to show a superior growth in the coming decades. With the objective of a more targeted and more active support in these aviation markets Butzbach has installed a sales subsidiary in Bejing. Dafne Joel: “From our office in Bejing we will organize our project activities in China and in the ASEAN countries. This is only a first step which will ensure a fast and culturally adapted support and care. Further steps will follow to implement a solid growth and development of our company in these markets over the coming years.”

Butzbach gives a detailed overview of its hangar door technology, and a deep insight into a multitude of reference projects which were installed over the past years worldwide, on their exhaustive website www.butzbach-hangadoors.com.


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