CAD Software for 3D Airside Design, Planning and Operations

Company Transoft Solutions
Date 22.05.2013

Live Presentation to be Held to Showcase the Upcoming Launch

Transoft Solutions, developers of CAD transportation engineering software, is pleased to launch a new microsite, in support of their upcoming release of a new railway analysis software solution. Drawing from the trusted AutoTURN engine, the software will assist rail designers and planners with dynamic and static vehicle envelope analysis and enables them to quickly plan and check routes, station platforms and crossings, accommodating for clearances with industry-leading accuracy. The software automates a process that planners have been doing manually for years, saving valuable time for other project demands.

In addition, on 12 June, Transoft Solutions will be hosting a special live online launch presentation of our newest software innovation and the latest member of the engineering design family. During the presentation, a product specialist will guide viewers through all the latest features and functionality of this technologically leading railway software package. As light rail transit is becoming more prevalent, this software will give designers confidence to build better transportation options today and in the future.

Attendees can register for the upcoming launch presentation in their own regional time zone directly at


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