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Company Transoft Solutions
Date 19.06.2013

Transoft Solutions Announces Worldwide Release of AutoTURN Rail 3D New light rail analysis software allows designers to explore 3D clearance while also cutting down on design time

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity enhancing software for the transportation engineering community, is pleased to announce AutoTURN Rail 3D as their latest addition to the AutoTURN family. Incorporating the trusted AutoTURN engine, AutoTURN Rail 3D gives railway designers and planners the same trusted engineering expertise they have enjoyed for 20 years with vehicle swept path analysis. The software functionality allows users to move from 2D to a 3D environment, providing a clearer picture of the clearance envelopes and how they might interact with obstructions along any rail alignment.

Some unique features of AutoTURN Rail 3D:

  • Create custom vehicles that reflect manufacturer specifications
  • Generate static and dynamic vehicle envelopes dynamically
  • Switch back and forth from 2D to 3D vehicle envelopes
  • Produce cross section views for clearance analysis

Generate tracking points along vehicle simulations “There’s a lot of momentum in building light rail systems across North America and we’re very pleased to be a part of it,” says Steven Chan, Director of Product Management at Transoft Solutions. “We’re known for creating elegant solutions to the challenges that transportation engineers face every day and AutoTURN Rail 3D follows in the footsteps of all our other innovative software products. Only engineers know what engineers need and our technical staff has put a lot of work into developing this new product. We’re excited to see it launch today.”

Transoft Solutions is also hosting a series of live online presentations of AutoTURN Rail 3D over the next few weeks. During these presentations, a product specialist will guide you through all the latest features and functionality of this innovative railway software package. Visit our website for more information.


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