CAD Software for 3D Airside Design, Planning and Operations

Company Transoft Solutions
Date 02.05.2013

Showcasing industry-leading 3D software for the aviation industry

Transoft Solutions, developers of CAD-based transportation engineering design software, and Transoft partner InfraCAD Solutions, a leading technology provider to the Civil and Infrastructure sectors in the Middle East region, announce a shared booth presence at the Dubai Airport Show, from 6 to 8 May, 2013.

At their booth No. 157, Transoft and InfraCAD will showcase their full line of industry leading engineering design software including AeroTURN Pro 3D– powerful, yet user-friendly CAD software for airside design, planning and operations. An airline that has recently made the jump to the 3D world is Emirates Airline.  Having used AeroTURN since 2008, AeroTURN Pro 3D enables Emirates to check vertical clearances for their aircraft at numerous airports around the world.

“It was only a matter of time to move to the 3D environment,” said Daniel Wong, Vice President of Flight Operations Performance with Emirates Airline. “With this software, our analysis of the airside is further improved as we now can also measure vertical clearances to objects such as gates, servicing vehicles, anti-icing equipment, hangars, fences, terrain and other aircraft wingtips.”

About InfraCAD Solutions
InfraCAD Solutions focuses on high quality technology and related services to the Civil / Infrastructure sectors throughout the Middle East. Agreements are in place with leading international software developers for this purpose, enabling the Company to deliver specialist civil and infrastructure design software for Airports, Roads, Drainage, Bridges and Visualization. As part of the overall services provided to clients, they also offer a Professional Support Service facility to Consultants, Government organizations, Private Property Developers and Infrastructure Contractors, centered around Transportation Planning and Geometric Design. For more information please visit

About Transoft Solutions
For 20 years Transoft Solutions has been developing CAD-based software for engineers and architects for their civil and infrastructural design and planning needs. Transoft’s products have become the “de facto” standard of many National Road Administration, Airport Authorities and Top Design firms in over 120 countries. For more information, please visit


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