Casper complaint management at DFW

Company Casper Sustainable Aero Solutions
Date 30.06.2017

This spring, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport launched the use of the DFW Casper Noise Complaint Management system. DFW has already been a Casper Noise user for Noise Monitoring, to process and analyze input from all 26 noise monitors around the airport. 

Complaint Management will be a valuable system addition. It supports the airport Environmental Affairs Department to efficiently manage incoming questions and complaints, and provide adequate feedback. The system delivers constant reporting with the Complaints dashboard, and it provides periodic management reports.

We are very proud to add this key module to Casper Noise for DFW airport.” says Sigmund Lentze, Business Development Manager USA, “It interacts seamlessly with the existing system. And working closely together with DFW, we are able to conserve the airport’s memory by migrating historical data as well.”

The system intuitively combines complaints with FAA SWIM based flight data and local noise monitor inputs. And it keeps the information available for airport and public use – including from complaints in the past – to better respond to the public, and enhance community outreach.


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