Castle & Pryor Ltd - A380 LHR Stand Concrete Cutting and Coring

Company Castle & Pryor Ltd
Date 08.02.2017

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Diamond Drilling To Create A380 Stand At London's Heathorw Airport
  • Heathrow has a stated vision to become the UK’s gateway to the world and Europe’s hub of choice by making every journey better and this vision is supported by a number of strategic intents.
  • The provision of modern, safe and effective infrastructure can contribute towards the successful delivery of some of these strategies.
  • As a result of the Malaysian Airlines upgrade to A380 aircraft in summer of 2012, a high risk existed that the A380 aircraft would not be accommodated without disruption to pier-served stand planning and operation.
  • There are currently no remote Code F stands available which puts at risk T4’s low coaching rebate and Service Quality Rebate (SQR) score.
  • The objectives of this project included scope of works to upgrade three stands 452,453 and 454 as fully serviced code E/F remote parking stands and the fourth stand 451 as Code D/E with the update stands capacity for multi-choice aircraft usage and passenger loading by bus is achieved.



  • Saw cut concrete apron & block paving in advance of bay replacement.
  • Diamond drill vertically down into existing concrete apron slab in advance of bay replacement by using Trailer Rig.
  • Diamond core 250mm dia x 500mm deep holes into existing concrete apron slab in advance of Bollard Installation.
  • Diamond core 187mm dia holes thru’ wall of existing electrical pits in advance of duct installation using bolt down rig.
  • Diamond core 102mm dia holes through side wall of existing BT Chamber.
  • Saw cut joints in PQ concrete apron in advance of sealing (existing joint to be widened out).
  • Pull tests for 6nr M30 studs for loading of 100KN.
  • Demonstrate knowledge gained from previous projects with regards to benchmarking of rates, programming, resource utilisation and delivery of good practice.
  • Staff, equipment and operations approved by British Airport Authority and Department of Transport.
  • Strict adherence to airport security and safety procedure.
  • Operation on-going alongside other contractors.
  • Limited time frame for completion of project.

Key Benefits

Diamond Drilling To Create New Stand For A380 At Heathrow


  • Concrete debris removed and recycled.


  • Project completed on budget.
  • Specialist equipment owned & operated by C&P ensuring fixed cost & qualified experience operators.


  • Project completed on time.
  • Able to start work at short notice.


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