CGSE Expands GSE Portfolio With Aero Weigh and Aircraft Scales

Company Pilot John GSE
Date 20.03.2018

CGSE expands portfolio of GSE with the addition of Aero Weigh and Jackson Aircraft Scales for aircraft and helicopter weighing.

“We are pleased to add Aero Weigh and Jackson Aircraft Scales into our wide range of ground support equipment (GSE). The wireless and wired aircraft weight scale options expand our current GSE products for flight departments, FBOs, MROs, airlines, and general aviation operators. With our focus on quality GSE, we are excited to continue our expansion of GSE into aircraft and helicopter weight scales,” said Mike Blout, President.

Aero Weigh and Aircraft Scales include kits for weighing small general aviation aircraft up to commercial aircraft along with helicopters. These kits can be wired or wireless and include jack load cells or platforms. The advanced wireless kits include Windows laptops with custom weighing software pre-installed and the ability to printout reports.

About CGSE
CGSE is based in New Bern, North Carolina, and is a trusted global leader in providing and servicing ground support equipment. CGSE was founded in 2001 to provide equipment to corporate flight departments, FBOs, maintenance facilities, and airlines. CGSE is a distributor and service center for a range of GSE manufacturers and continues to be the one-stop GSE source for operators and mechanics throughout the world.

About Aero Weigh and Aircraft Scales
Aero Weigh and Aircraft Scales are part of Jackson Aircraft Weighing Service. The company was founded in 1993 to design and manufacture aircraft and helicopter weight scales.

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