COFELY Airport Services - Baggage Outsourcing - The Ultimate Solution

Date 13.04.2016
COFELY Airport Services has acquired over 25 years’ know-how and experience in the operation and maintenance of airport technical facilities. The key to the company’s success lies in its long-term tailor-made contracts which include a total guarantee that all installations will be kept in perfect working over its “life time cycle”.
  • COFELY Airport Services pr 1Design – Build – Finance – Operate – Maintain
  • Cooperation COFELY Airport Services and Logan Teleflex
  • Airports set the User Requirement Specifications (& budget)
  • Design & functional specs done by Logan Teleflex with COFELY Airport Services’ input
  • Airport’s agreement on design & specs
  • System built by Logan Teleflex
  • Operational & performance trials by Logan Teleflex & COFELY Airport Services
  • Financing by COFELY Airport Services
  • O&M by COFELY Airport Services

Benefits for airports

  • COFELY Airport Services pr2Allows airport to focus on core “revenue generating” activities
  • Saves time & money on system design, thus on overall project execution
  • Immediate “Buy In” to all functional & performance requirements
  • Earlier & more accurate budgeting
  • Operational matters & total cost of ownership (O&M) considered at design stage
  • Handover from construction to O&M team facilitated (Training, commissioning); unique responsibility remains with AAS-LT
  • Ability to reflect project cost on end users (Airlines) via monthly fee, pax fee or bag fee


Boulevard du Roi Albert II 30
WTC 1, boîte 28
1000 Brussels
  • +32 2 206 02 01