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Comet airport tractors – the next generation

Company MULAG Fahrzeugwerk
Date 16.03.2018

The MULAG Comet next generation is a new and updated range of tractors for baggage, cargo and pushback applications providing state-of-the-art technology and high-end quality.

The Diesel tractor range was updated with a new cabin and engine bonnet, as well as an optimized ergonomically designed dashboard and other features. The concept behind the new design leads to improved overall ergonomics, higher operator convenience e.g. with an optimized all-round view. Ranging from the smallest tractor Comet 3 up to the heaviest tractor Comet 12 the customer gets the latest in airport vehicle design made in Germany.

Introducing the new range of electric airport tractors, the new Comet 3E is ideally suited for baggage handling with its 20 kN drawbar pull and a dead weight of 3.7t while driving up to 30 km/h. The heavier Comet 4E has a dead weight of 4.7t and is able to handle baggage and light cargo. Rounding up the new product range is the Comet 6E with a dead weight of 6.5t, a powerful two-circuit regenerative break system and heavy duty axles well suited for demanding cargo applications. The new range of electric tractors meets the demands for high availability, great agility and low maintenance costs – this is MULAG quality.

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