Complete dock for helicopter

Company FORTAL
Date 21.03.2017

Discover this left / right side complete dock for helicopter delivered with turnkey compressed air and electrical equipment, protections and signaling.

Main structure in extruded extruded aluminum profiles. Welded monobloc structure. Only the ramp and guard elements are screwed in case of disassembly.
Supporting feet in painted steel with adjustment cylinders.

  • Non-slip wood platform adjustable in height from 2315 to 2815 mm by crank action cylinder
  • Perimeter railing height 110 cm including some sliding rubber-protection device
  • Removable shelves
  • Output sliding drawers approx. 200 mm device side
  • Load capacity per side: 3 people -300 kg


ZI Muckental
67140 BARR
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