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Date 29.12.2010

LPS Slovakia has chosen COMSOFT’s Quadrant in order to prepare for future ARTAS implementation.

Bratislava/Slovakia, December 2010 – Slovakian air navigation service provider (ANSP) LPS has selected COMSOFT to deliver its comprehensive ADS-B solution Quadrant. COMSOFT provided four sensors and the supplemental Quadrant Control and Monitoring System (QCMS) which ensures permanent performance supervision of all units. It is planned to distribute the sensors across the country after completion of all tests.

The new system was launched in anticipation of an upcoming ARTAS implementation and in order to familiarise with the new surveillance data input source and its advantages. Predominantly, the assignment to COMSOFT to implement these two ATM components is part of LPS’ strive to modernise their local surveillance infrastructure and successively enhance air traffic services.

With a time span of less than two months between contract award and final acceptance, the German surveillance expert provided evidence of their expertise in this field and further substantiated their successful long-term business relationship with LPS. The current contract proves the customer’s satisfaction with the products and services of the German supplier.

In the past the ADS-B technology has displayed and proven its qualities as a reliable and cost efficient long term surveillance solution and is increasingly used by a considerable number of ANSPs. One of the reasons is the ability to produce higher update rates compared to conventional radars, thus enhancing the quality and accuracy of surveillance services.

COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC domain for over 20 years. The company enjoys a worldwide reputation in this market.

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