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Company Frequentis Comsoft GmbH
Date 11.01.2010

Bern/Switzerland, January 2010 – On-site acceptance tests for the new approach control display system were successfully performed on two military sites of Swiss air force. The future-proof system processes surveillance information from the local radar and displays the data on multiple controller working positions. The individual components are part of COMSOFT’s ATC automation solution PRISMA, adapted to local conditions and requirements. Its modular and open architecture allows for easy extensions considering future developments on the sector. The customer armasuisse is the federal competence centre for the procurement of technologically complex systems and equipment, security relevant technologies and quality management.

The new self-contained solution was designed in close cooperation with the customer in order to process information from different sources, such as weather or radar data, and present the current air situation in an operational context of the military aerodrome. Its redundant set-up guarantees high availability and a built-in tracker optimizes the data display of today's single Airport Surveillance Radar. Furthermore, the existing recording system R2D2© stores all input as well as processed data and thus allows for additional support options and further analysis.

This project was designed under consideration of the impending MALS Plus project, which is a new approach guidance system and scheduled for early 2011.

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