Concourse Display Management - Let's Cocktail

Company Concourse Display Management
Date 22.06.2016

#letscocktail, one of summer 2016’s most refreshing propositions invites shoppers to re-think the default choice of beer & wine in favour of spirit-based cocktails.

Vibrant summer colours, a clear call to action (let’s cocktail!) and cocktail recipe-cards show how fun and easy cocktail-making – and sharing – can be.

Featured brands are Captain Morgan, Gordons, Tanqueray, J&B, Red Label, Pimms and Smirnoff — a classic line-up of high-quality spirits perfect for mixing into a variety of delicious cocktails.

This campaign picks up on a variety of major trends among a wide demographic (25-45) which the art of cocktail-making perfectly expresses. Sharing, creativity, home-entertaining, experientialism-over-materialism…

CDM has just completed two June activations at Lisbon and Zagreb airports with quite a few more to follow – watch this space!

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