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Congratulations to Bodø Airport with a brand new self-service check in area

Company BB Computerteknikk AS
Date 24.02.2017

We congratulate Bodø Airport with the choice of the quickest bag-drop on the market. The newly installed self-service bag drop from BBC gives travelers from Bodø Airport a better start on their journey by drastically reducing the time spent to drop their bags. Passengers benefit – less time standing in line at the airport, less stress and more time to spend in the post-security shopping area.

All passengers, regardless of airline will benefit from this easy and quick bag drop solution.

Bodø Airport, located just south of the city center, served by Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe, LTR and Thomas Cook. The airport currently offers its travelers 16 domestic and 4 international destinations. With approximately 1,7 million passengers in 2015 it is the 6th largest airport in Norway. Read more at Bodø Airport

Ready in time for one of the busiest times of the year, Christmas vacation, BBC installed six new self-service bag drop positions and more than doubled Bodø Airport’s check-in capacity. The bag drop (SBD) has been operational since the 15th of December and has already handled more than 18.000 bags.

Passengers traveling from Bodø Airport now benefit from a faster and easier travel process with the introduction of the quickest bag-drop on the market. For more information: BBC Self Bag Drop

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