Connect Tech introduces ComSync/PCI-104: a two channel synchronous serial card for PCI-104.

Company Euroline AS
Date 29.09.2008

Guelph, Ontario – September 29, 2008

Connect Tech Inc. has been designing and manufacturing rugged communications solutions for the embedded and industrial PC markets for over 23 years.  Today we are pleased to announce the addition of ComSync/PCI-104 to our synchronous communications product line.

“As the engineering community is constantly looking for faster communications, we’re excited to introduce Connect Tech’s unique two channel design to the PCI-104 format in support of this requirement,” said Michele Kasza, VP Sales of Connect Tech.

ComSync/PCI-104 is a two channel synchronous/asynchronous serial card based on the Zilog Z16C32 IUSC.  It incorporates a high performance PCI bridge and an FPGA to coordinate all onboard data flow.  The Zilog Z16C32 IUSC provides users with a highly versatile card where each channel is designed for flexible clock control and includes a DPLL for each clock. Each channel can be configured independently to serve specific application needs. 

ComSync/PCI-104 supports the DMA operation of the IUSC and has a large amount of SRAM available to the IUSC DMA engine to reduce stress on the host system. The result is fewer interrupts and more efficient data transfer (up to 18.432 Mbps in RS-485 mode*) for high performance systems.  To guarantee the most versatile product in industry, ComSync/PCI-104 supports V.35, X.21, EIA-530, EIA-530A, all RS modes, several NRZI and BiPhase synchronous modes, as well as, multiple communications protocols including; HDLC, SDLC, MonoSync, BiSync, Asynch, etc.

System developers will appreciate the performance enhancing features that ComSync/PCI-104 has to offer.  Its innovative design provides users with a standards compliant, high performance communications solution that provides reliability for their critical applications.  This PCI-104 card is perfect for industrial, satellite, radar, medical, POS and other applications that require robust synchronous/asynchronous communications.

Connect Tech acknowledges that challenges can arise when facing new projects.  As a result, we continue to grow our standard and custom product lines.  We are committed to working together to meet customer demands by constantly improving and expanding product offerings to make certain that our customers have maximum performance, reliable communications solutions they can depend on.

*Standard model ComSync/PCI-104 cards achieve 10 Mbps.  Please contact Connect Tech for 18.432 Mbps models.

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