Copperchase: Air Traffic Control Systems

Company Copperchase
Date 01.10.2008

Mongolia Civil Aviation Authority has selected the Copperchase AFSWITCH to provide ATC AFTN communication for the Ulaanbaatar International Airport.

The Copperchase AFSWITCH has provided AFTN handling for up to 32 serial circuits and networked connections as part of the overall ATM contract awarded to Mongolia in 2007.  The system will be provided with connection to the national AFTN network and will initially be provided with 16 Copperchase AFTERM AFTN terminals.

The AFSWITCH is a well-proven AFTN system used extensively throughout the world and Copperchase is delighted to have been awarded the contract from Mongolia for this project.

In readiness for the introduction of the Aeronautical Message Handling Service (AMHS) in to the region, the Copperchase AFSWITCH has been offered with upgrade path for AMHS communications and the Copperchase AMHSGATE has been presented as an optional add-on to the contract.

Copperchase is delighted to have been chosen by Mongolia,  which will further expand our market presence in the Asian region.


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