Copperchase: Air Traffic Control Systems

Company Copperchase
Date 04.09.2009

Building upon its previous successes in the Southern Africa Region (Namibia, Botswana and South Africa), Copperchase is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation in to service of a nation-wide ATC Messaging System for Aeroportos De Moçambique (Airports of Mozambique) under the Prime Contract control of Semco Maritime of Denmark.

The installed system is a COTS, full International AFTN message switch utilising a national AFTN over TCP/IP network for internal routing of ATC Messages within the country.

In addition to the ATC Messaging System, Copperchase installed its AIS and Flight Data Management System (FMDS) into Beira airport tower and the ACC to assist ATC staff with their day to day duties.

Beira – Dual Redundant ATC Message Switch with FDMS, A Full AIS system and multiple AFTERM terminals

Tete – ATC Message switch with multiple terminals

Quelimane – ATC Message switch with multiple terminals

Maputo – ATC Message switch with multiple terminals

Inhambane – AFTERM message terminal

Vilanculos – AFTERM message terminal

Chimoio – AFTERM message terminal

Nampula – AFTERM message terminal

Lichinga – AFTERM message terminal


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