Copperchase: Air Traffic Control Systems

Company Copperchase
Date 30.07.2009

Copperchase is pleased to announce that their ‘small’ VCCS (SVCCS) has been approved for use in the ATC environment at Bournemouth International Airport. The system which has been designed and built to fill a gap in the VCCS market for small airfield application of 8 positions or less supports all standard functions and communication interfaces required for ATC applications. Copperchase’s Tony Myers (Director of Business Development) stated that “This system is a fully functional Voice Communications Control System that has been built to cover the requirements and budgets of the small airfield that offer full ATC services, it reaches the budgets that other suppliers simply cannot reach”.

The 6 Operator Positions installed in Bournemouth’s Control Tower and Approach Room will provide a reliable ATC communications service. Copperchase has previously installed VCCS at a number of UK airports, delivering an exceptional level of quality. With first-class experience and a dedicated team of experts, Copperchase aims to exceed customer satisfaction.

On the heels of this announcement, Copperchase will soon be able to announce yet another successful installation of the SVCCS at a UK airfield.


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