CS successfully provides the new radio communication systems (emergency and last resort) of Swiss air traffic control centres for Skyguide, Switzerland's air navigation service provider

Company CS Group
Date 05.10.2017

As part of the modernization of Swiss air traffic control centres, CS has completed the renewal of the emergency radio communication (EMRA) systems of the Geneva and Dübendorf air traffic control centres, on time.

The new EMRA system provides an interconnected architecture enabling the combination of the two Swiss air traffic control centres as one single virtual centre.

It is thus a key element of the “Virtual Centre” programme launched by skyguide as part of the future Single European Sky (SESAR programme) and aimed to allow a dynamic and seamless operation of sectors as a single airspace independently of the control centres’ physical location, for a safer, smoother and more cost-effective air traffic management.

For over 30 years, CS has been innovating in the communication field applied to civil and military air operations. Pioneer in its use of secured IP architectures in this field, notably with the specification of the EUROCAE ED-137 standard (European interoperability standard implementing VoIP technology for voice services for air traffic control), CS has designed an innovative Voice Communication System, CSoIP, which brings responsiveness, flexibility and adaptability in the running of air operations.

“The great cooperation between CS and Skyguide continues with this significant step forward in modernizing and securing the Swiss sky. At the heart of the ATC operational stakes for the 21st century, CS confirms the relevance of its communication systems for civil and military air operations”, said Frederic DUSSART, Air Traffic Control activities director at CS.

Joël JORDAN Program Director at Skyguide said: “Implementing the new EMRA systems was an important milestone towards the Virtual Centre while delivering an immediate operational improvement by easing the use of certain emergency related procedures. We are very pleased that the required objectives could be successfully realized together with CS, in an efficient manner and good work atmosphere.”


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