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Company Butzbach GmbH Hangar Doors
Date 18.07.2014

Reliable and energy-efficient door systems are essential for truck service stations. The operator should be able to count on a workshop door that is always available and does not impair the work processes. Because doors with large dimensions make a considerable contribution to the energy balance of the workshop building, the thermal insulation properties of the doors should also be taken into account.

With the stacking door SPACELITE HT Butzbach offers a robust door system that also distinguishes itself through its reliability and energy efficiency in large dimensions. Thanks to its space-saving design, the door does not come into conflict with other installations such as lighting or extraction systems and thus fits right into the operations. The low-wear construction that intentionally dispenses with hinges, helix cables and torsion springs that would be susceptible to faults makes the door particularly low-maintenance and prevents long downtimes due to defects.

The sectional door SPACELITE HTU is especially suitable for structural situations with a low lintel height or if pass door of the same design is to be integrated into the door. A door threshold that is just 20 mm high reduces the risk of tripping for the service station employees.

The door filling of both door systems is made of translucent fibreglass. The natural daylight is dispersed softly throughout the inside of the workshop, whereby bright working areas are created that reduce the lighting expenses during the day and create a pleasant working atmosphere. The chamber construction of the fibreglass elements provides very effective thermal insulation – a continuous seal around the door system prevents unnecessary energy losses and draughts inside the building.


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