Dallmeier in 100 seconds: TV profile of a global player in the video security industry with Regensburg roots

Company Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG
Date 04.10.2018

In the 34 years since its foundation, the video technology pioneer Dallmeier with headquarters embedded deeply in the Regensburg community has evolved into a successful global player, employing well over 400 employees. The company is ranked among the leading providers of network-based video security equipment. Its most important breakthroughs including the first IP video recorder or the revolutionary “Panomera®” multifocal sensor technology, were and are invented in Regensburg.

Dallmeier – the high-tech company with Regensburg roots is a global player in the video security industry. The 100-second TV profile by television station TVA shows how the company insists on keeping development and production at its own facility in Regensburg, bucking many trends in a different direction and thereby contributing to the economic strength of the region of Eastern Bavaria.

Dallmeier has been a digital pioneer in the industry since 1992. With milestones such as the first digital recording system, and lately the Panomera® camera technology, Dallmeier’s intensive research and innovation programme remains a constant source of fresh ideas for the market. A major driver for customers at the moment is the ability to view large expanses in a panoramic image. This is the only way to deal with incidents such as those which took place recently at German airports.

Customers benefit from the high quality and safety standard inherent in products “Made in Germany”, often a decisive criterion in this era of software “back doors” and cyber attacks. The products and system solutions are in use all over the world and in very many different sectors. These include for example football stadiums, casinos, airports, seaports, industrial premises and public spaces.

The need to automate, assess situations and optimise processes in all customer sectors is currently a development that poses a strong challenge to intelligent data analysis in video equipment. This is why Dallmeier places such emphasis on research and development of technologies of the future such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, central management and situation assessment systems as well as many other areas.


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