Dallmeier opens branch office in North Germany

Company Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG
Date 01.07.2016

Video security expert Dallmeier has opened a branch office in Schneverdingen, Lower Saxony, to cater still better to customers in the North German territory.

Dallmeier is one of the world leading providers of network-based video security technology and develops and manufactures all products in its own headquarters in Regensburg, Germany, Bavaria. In order to strengthen the presence in the North German territory and cater still better to customers there, Dallmeier has opened a branch office in Schneverdingen. Schneverdingen is located centrally between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, so it is easily accessible for our customers in this catchment area. “From now on, our customers in Northern Germany have a contact person on their doorstep, with short distances and fast travelling times”, declares Dallmeier Sales Manager Dirk Lüders, who is in charge of the new office. “I am looking forward to be able to provide even better service and support from here to our partners and customers in the north of Germany.”

Besides office and meeting rooms, the Dallmeier Office North also has a modern showroom, where the latest solutions and developments from Dallmeier can be exhibited live, and presentations designed especially for specific customers can be held. “We are not that concerned with selling individual products. Instead we want to provide our customers with practical solutions”, explains Dirk Lüders. “And that is exactly what we intend to demonstrate in the showroom. The multifocal sensor technology Panomera® is crucial in this regard as it allows operators to monitor large areas from just one camera location.” Besides consulting and customer presentations, training events and workshops will also take place here in future.

The offices are located in the building of the triPlus IT system house, with which Dallmeier has already completed a number of successful projects. “In this way, we bundle an enormous range of IT expertise in our own house, a trend that is becoming more and more important in view of today’s network structures”, says Dirk Lüders. Gerhard Hinrichs, Managing Director of triPlus, also sees a very optimistic future: “Video security technology is a very interesting additional business area for us. We are very glad to welcome such an outstanding manufacturer to our site, and I have no doubt that both of our companies will benefit immensely from the synergistic effects.”

From left to right: Georg Martin (Dallmeier Marketing Director), Dirk Lüders (Dallmeier Sales Manager), Gerhard Hinrichs (triPlus Managing Director)

From left to right: Georg Martin (Dallmeier Marketing Director), Dirk Lüders (Dallmeier Sales Manager), Gerhard Hinrichs (triPlus Managing Director)


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