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Date 29.01.2010

At Vienna Airport the resource management system „sally” was extended by the check-in module
Braunschweig, January 2010 – In February 2009 delair Air Traffic Systems
GmbH was awarded the contract to provide a system for the optimisation of the
utilisation and seasonal planning of check-in counters. At the end of 2009 the
„sally check-in“ module was taken into operation in Vienna.
„sally check-in“ covers all specific requirements of check-in planning, e.g.
common check-in or bulky luggage counters. It also includes an assessment of
demand of check-in counters to consider the customer-specific key data.
For the automatic and optimised allocation of flights to check-in counters „sally
check-in“ uses a powerful and extremely fast planning and optimisation
algorithm. Furthermore, new web technologies are provided with the current
version of „sally“.
In the tactical version „sally“ offers the possibility of a planning updated daily
whereas the strategic version carries through an optimisation for several days.
An extended analysis function provides statistics about the resource allocation,
e.g. the utilisation of check-in counters by a specific airline/handling agent or the
number of passengers which have checked in at Terminal 1. These assessments
can also be exported and processed for further purposes.
Product family „sally“

The product family „sally” consists of interoperable modules for mobile and
immobile resources like „sally-stand”, „sally-gate”, „sally-bus”, „sally-tow”,
„sally-check-in“ and „sally-racetrack”. „sally-stand” is used for the optimised
occupation of aircraft stands. „sally-gate” helps airport operators or airlines to
optimise the use of gate areas. „sally-bus” supports dispatchers with the
appropriate utilisation of passenger buses and „sally-tow” helps to optimise tug
vehicle operations. Through combination with „focus” and/or „darts4D”, this
module enables the direct online coordination between apron control and the
driver. „sally-check-in” organises the allocation of the check-in counters of an
airport. Based on the generic „sally” kernel additional modules for similar
resources can be easily planned.

About delair:

delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH was founded in 1997 at the research airport
Braunschweig. delair develops systems to optimise processes of air traffic
control, airport operators, airlines, and handling agents. The products of delair
are in operation at the International Airports Zurich, Frankfurt and Vienna where
they are clearly reducing costs and improving airport processes.
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