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Date 21.12.2010

De-icing prognosis system „arosa” for an early determination of actual capacity demand in operations

Each winter again the airports face the prob- lem to predict the scope and duration of aircraft de-icing. Even the most experi- enced de-icing coordinators only can solve this problem to a limited extent. This re- sults in de-icing capacities which are not adjusted to actual demand and, thus, in an insufficient or too large number of de-icing vehicles. This might lead to subsequent delays and even to flight cancellations which is a costly enterprise for airport opera- tors or airlines.

One year ago Zurich International Airport asked delair to develop a prognosis and planning system for the de-icing planning. This system is based on “arosa”, a sys- tem to predict the airport capacity. Powered by fast and powerful algorithms the prognosis system determines the fu- ture situation at an airport with regard to the de-icing process. The de-icing progno- sis shows the departures for the next hours with the best available off-block time and provides the resource demand for de-icing vehicles and de-icing pads. Within very short time the user can use what-if-scenarios to find out how an increase or a cut-back of de-icing capacities impacts on the departure times.

The de-icing of departures can take place on the stand or on the so-called remote de-icing pads. Here, the de-icing prognosis allows for an optimum allocation, either via a set of rules or manually. The amount of available de-icing pads and de-icing vehicles can be determined. Furthermore, it is possible to fine-tune the de-icing de- pending on the weather situation (percentage of aircraft to be de-iced) and to de- termine the duration of de-icing.

On this basis the demand as well as the waiting time for aircraft is calculated. Thus, the user is provided with the respective cost-benefit and delay analysis during the allocation of vehicles and de-icing areas. Airlines and passengers can be informed very early about possible delays or cancel- lations.

By this means the “arosa de-icing prognosis” system guarantees a considerably im- proved planning and helps to reduce delays and flight cancellations.

About delair: delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH was founded in 1997 at the Braunschweig Research Airport. delair develops systems to optimise processes of air traffic control, airport operators, airlines, and handling agents. The products of delair are in operation at the International Airports in Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt. At these airports considerable improvements of airport processes lead to positive environmental effects and cost savings thanks to fuel savings and lower emissions.

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