Detection of Sahara Dust with LIDAR Ceilometers

Company G. Lufft Mess-und Regeltechnik
Date 15.05.2018

Are you curious how LIDAR ceilometers could monitor the spread of Sahara dust in Crete?

Or would you like to know more about a comparison of ultrasonic and laser measurement principles for snow height measurements?

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Sahara dust pollutes the air in Crete – how the Lufft Ceilometer can help

In March 2018, the Southern part of Greece suffered from a severe Saharan Dust outbreak. The dust had been driven across the Mediterranean due to strong south winds. By means of the Lufft ceilometers, it could be monitored professionally…

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Snow depths: laser vs. ultrasonic systems

Two measuring principles are available for the monitoring of snow depths: laser and ultrasound. To help you make a decision, we’ve put together the differences in a technology comparison.

To the sensor comparison

Lufft Article in April issue of the Meteorological Technology International

In the April issue of the Meteorological Technology InternationalMagazine you find an article about our latest optical sensors CHM8k and SHM31 and how they perform in the field. Read the whole article on the pages 104 – 107.

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Get to know the new Lufft ceilometer CHM8k

Using the LIDAR technique, the CHM8k detects a multitude of cloud & aerosol structures, the vertical visibility as well as weather conditions. It has an measuring range of 8km (26,200 ft) & is equipped with an easy-to-use controller interface. Learn more about this sophisitcated new measuring device and get a comparison with the CHM 15k.

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