Company DGM Software Development Group A/S
Date 18.07.2017

Electronic exchange of dangerous goods information made easy!

Digitalization of the logistics chain requires clear and open standards. Therefore, we developed and implemented our new DGXML dangerous goods data sharing standard. This version controlled XML standard can be used for any mode of transport (multimodal), and is made available for public use.

Impact on your company

It is very common for data to be recopied many times along the logistics chain of one shipment. This inefficient working method can result in copy errors, which in turn can cause serious problems, such as noncompliance, accidents, lost cargo or high fines. With the use of just one simple DGXML standard, there is no more need for data to be copied from copies multiple times. The standard allows one correct information source to be available for whomever needs to have access to it, internally as well as externally. All necessary information is included, which can be used for any mode of transport along the logistics chain, including multimodal transport. By using this electronic standard for any of your dangerous goods shipments, inefficiency and copying errors can be prevented.

How it works

The DGXML standard is open to anyone who wants to use it, under shared commons. If you are interested in using it, visit our website via the following link www.dgm-sdg.com/dgxml and sign up. Then, the DGXML documentation and DGMIDs become available for you to download and use. The documents are version controlled, so once new files are added or when files are updated, you will be notified automatically.

About DGOffice

DGOffice offers a complete set of tools to support organizations in all aspects of the management of dangerous goods and hazardous materials. The modular design ensures that you use only the software that is applicable in your situation. Apart from the basics covered in the core application DG General, each module offers a comprehensive set of functions, developed for a specific business or industry segment. All of them share the same promise: provision of adequate, error-free and up-to-date information and documentation against the smallest time-investment imaginable.

DG General

Provides basic information and includes all basic functions, enabling the implementation, use and maintenance of DGOffice.

DG Transport

Covers all requirements for transportation by air, sea, road, rail, inland waterways and Norwegian inland ferries.

DG Handling

Simplifies handling dangerous goods. There are separate modules for Notifications to Captain (NOTOC) and acceptance of dangerous goods.

DG Storage

Presents the required information and documentation, including detailed instructions on how to store and handle dangerous goods.

DG Production

Tools needed in the production process of goods with a hazard risk, like SDS creation, workplace instructions and GHS labeling.

DG Support Tools

A comprehensive set of tools for a variety of tasks; from creating and printing your own shipping labels to building and maintaining your own substance database.

DG e-freight

Streamlines everything concerned with your shipping documents and airway bills.

For more information, contact us via telephone on +31 320 760 990, via email on marketing@dgoffice.net, contact person: Mr. Herman Teering, or visit our websites: www.dgoffice.net or www.dgm-sdg.com


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