Discover video intelligence with Genie's NEW Video Analytics!

Company Genie
Date 07.08.2017

The British manufacturer of IP video, CCTV and Access Control solutions is proud to introduce customers to their new Video Analytics. The new surveillance solution ensures that their customers have the best possible products and solutions to keep both their personnel and assets safe.

Setup is easy thanks to the user friendly GUI. Once set up is complete, the user can watch as the video intelligence takes action on their monitor. Users can now benefit from the following intelligence features:

  • Camera Mask
  • Camera Scene Change
  • Object Added or Removed from the location
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Line Crossing (A>B) (B>A) (A<>B)

Helping to highlight the unusual from the ordinary, improving reaction time and quickly reporting the incident to a response team or emergency services.

“Our analytics offer users a more robust surveillance system. Users gain invaluable data that can be intelligently used to strengthen business operations, health & safety and people management. What’s more it comes as standard to all H.265 Network IP Video Recorders, with no extra costs or licenses.” – Steve, CEO

The FREE video analytics is available on selected Genie WISH IP H.265 cameras and NVR models. Supported by models purchased from 1st July 2017 onwards.


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