Divest Time: The Missing Link in Security Checkpoint Performance Monitoring

Company Point FWD
Date 23.02.2017

Divest Time: The Missing Link in Security Checkpoint Performance Monitoring

Insight is quite possibly an operational managers’ biggest asset, being able to view and understand one’s process performance leads to better operational results.
We at Point FWD believe in data driven consultancy and data driven decision making, our foundation always is data analysis. The data stems from a range of readily available operational data sources, from x-ray operator data to security scanner data. We use the data to create insight in the operational performance of security filters and when possible to advise on improvement measures and their impact after implementation.
We found that currently extremely valuable metrics are unavailable, passenger divest time information and occupancy rates for divest spots.

Being a technology orientated consultancy firm we started an extensive search into possibilities to fill up this gap, enabling us to provide even higher quality advisory work to our clients.

Now after months of testing, trialling and searching for a system that would provide the quality level we require for our data analysis. We are proud to present the missing link in security checkpoint performance monitoring tools, divest time measurements.

Click the button below to download our white paper on Divest Time measurements. 

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Visit us at PTE 2017
We will be present at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2017 14-16 March 2017, RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands, Booth 8080. Please swing by for a demonstration of our performance monitoring tools and for a live demo of our divest time measurement system.
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