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Company TKH Airport Solutions
Date 13.04.2016

Hella pr1Lighting has been our element for a hundred years. For more than 20 years, HELLA has been a pioneer in the LED technology sector. What started originally with the development of vehicle lighting is now part of ordinary life in many areas: The quick changeover to a lighting system that meets the global ecological challenge and the economic requirements of the time with the greatest possible efficiency.

The HELLA airfield lighting is highly flexible, adaptable and guarantees savings of ongoing costs, regardless of location, while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time. HELLA LED lighting was developed in close collaboration with various international airports. The result represents a nearly perfect incorporation of individual requirements, special situations and needs of the airport as a whole.

The portfolio includes CCRs, systems such as FLASH or PAPI, the electronic control and the entire program of signs, elevated and inset lights for runways as well as taxiways and aprons. On this basis, we are working on innovative solutions for the future – today. The focus is on continued further development of the current standards and, in particular, intelligent electrical control.

The products are being tested in Europe‘s largest light testing facility at HELLA. Below is a comparison of halogen lighting (yellowish) and LED lighting (whitish). Lighting technology with vision: HELLA airfield lighting.

Hella pr2Today, HELLA is the market leader in LED runway lighting. Based on this position and the experiences in LED airfield lighting, we developed an innovative LED concept ranging from civil and military airports to helicopter landing pads which completely meets the international standards (ICAO, FAA, STANAG). Changing to LED lighting is profitable in several ways. Costs for maintenance and spare parts are drastically decreased. In addition, the service life of LEDs – compared to halogen light sources – with around 50,000 hours is significantly longer, while their power consumption is up to 85 % lower.

Because of the long service life of the products and the reduced material consumption associated with it, the results are savings that finally translate into value gain in the operating statement. Another advantage: The LEDs are mercury-free, an aspect that should not be neglected since mercury light sources will be illegal throughout the EU as early as 2015. Finally an important note: Lighting and aviation experts rank LED as the best lighting solution for poor weather conditions!

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