Dutch Masters 2.0 - Lune signs commodity agreement

Company Lune
Date 10.07.2017

Lune is more than proud to be able to deliver her waste systems from 1 June to the Rijksmuseum. In addition to design and high quality, these models are also extra circular.

The special thing about these waste bins is that they are refurbished models that have been used once at an exhibition in The Netherlands. With this durable purchase, the Rijksmuseum not only shows that it consciously chooses circularity, but also meets its desire for more sustainable solutions.

Lune is the Dutch master when it comes to indoor and outdoor waste systems. Dutch products to be proud of. Lune is characterized by its modern design. An appearance that suits the new Rijksmuseum. In the public areas, a choice has been made for the Split 4, while the offices have chosen the Paxa models. Piece by piece high quality and durable waste systems. Not only in the Netherlands, Lune is well represented in government, municipalities, care, education, museums and business, but also internationally, Lune knows its strengths.


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