EDS CB Way-finder by Point FWD on display at PTE 2019

Company Point FWD
Date 06.03.2019

Transitioning towards EDS CB
Explosives detection systems for cabin baggage (EDS CB) will soon become the new standard for screening carry-on luggage at commercial airports throughout Europe. For an airport the EDS CB transition should go beyond actions such as equipment selection and process implementation, we believe.

EDS CB Way-finder
Point FWD has therefore defined a way-finder for the challenges an airport may face in transitioning towards EDS CB. Its purpose is to let the airport critically assess its own approach, and next to this, explore the value of data research in overcoming EDS CB challenges.

Our starting point is your baseline situation. This is based on the belief that you must know to which context you subject your technology change. We will help you to assess your problem situation, with help of on-site data captures and requirement definitions.

Our view on a potential future situation is based on mathematical principles and therefore real-live data is used from all ends of the security checkpoint. We leave no relevant process event untouched.

Monitoring a trial project in terms of progression is thereby key in preparing for a final and successful deployment. Continuously monitoring the checkpoint process should in the end safeguard the operational success of a chosen solution path.

Find out more
To find out more about our EDS CB way-finder and our look on things, please feel free to reach out to us. And by the way, by the end of this week, take a look on www.eds-cb.com, as this website will be live and include more info on the subject!

PTE 2019
Are you facing an EDS CB transition and interested to know more? Please get in contact with our team and make sure to join us at our booth @ PTE 2019.


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