ELAFLEX News @ Inter Airport 2019

Date 05.08.2019

Aljac has joined forces with the Elaflex group

Refuelling specialist Elaflex and Aljac Fuelling Components Ltd. have established a partnership in July 2019.

Aljac is a specialist supplier of safe and innovative aviation refuelling systems and equipment consisting a wide range of its own premium products and from internationally re-spected manufacturers.

This collaberation allows both companies to further expand their aviation product range and global customer service.

Download: Press Release

Aircraft Refuelling Nozzles

The HiFlo overwing refuelling nozzle ZVF 50 is suitable for all JET and AVGAS fuel types. New: ZVF 50 UL (green), developed for the new unleaded fuel UL 91.

For installation on board refuellers, the corresponding nozzle boot NB-ZVF 50 is available for all ZVF 50 options. New: NB-ZVF 50 SR with additional spout retainer for spout change. The retainer as well as the nozzle are secured by Interlock.

The ZVF 25 nozzle will now be provided free of non-ferrous metals to JIG guidelines as is the ZVA 25 AF nozzle.

Hose Reels and Hose Trolley from own production

In addition to the hose and coupling product guide, Elaflex supplies Hose reels from own production. They are suitable e.g. for mobile refuelling equipment (containerised, tanks or cabinets) or as fix installation next to dispensers on small airports. The hose reel configuration is custom-made (sizes,, material, colour, mounting position, rewind mechanism etc.).

Grounding reels are alternatively available as earthing and bonding function on airfields. Spring operated rewind mechanism.

For a safe and easy moving of DN 100 refuelling hoses on dispensers Elaflex now also provides Hose trolleys from own production – suitable for every vehicle.

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