Emulate3D December 2018 Newsletter

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Date 19.01.2019

Emulate3D December 2018 Newsletter – CAD is The Model Video – Meet us at SOLIDWORKS World with the New Demo3DVR – Tips and Tricks: The View Cube 

CAD is The Model – Watch and Learn

CAD is The Model – Your Questions Answered

Since we launched the 2018 versions of the software we’ve been inundated with questions about the new CAD is The Model technology. Can I implement it with my CAD if I don’t have SOLIDWORKS? Will it enable me to accurately represent linked mechanisms? Can I drive movements using event-triggered scripts? Does it work with QuickLogic in Professional versions of the product? The answer to all these questions is yes, so put your headphones on and then click here to follow the video, and then follow the examples in the web store and try it for yourself.

Import your CAD and bring it to life with the CAD is The Model ribbon elements, now available in all build editions of Emulate3D products. Drive the system using load-triggered scripted events, or connect IO to an external control system like a PLC and create a virtual commissioning model of your machine or automation system.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube now.

Meet us at SOLIDWORKS World in February, booth 534 to try it for yourself.

Watch and learn how to use the CAD is The Model ribbon to make dynamic controls testing, simulation, or demonstration models from your static CAD.
Emulate3D is at booth 534 and
The AR/VR Experience Zone

We’ll be at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 showing off the new version of Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS with model interaction – you can open doors, operate mechanisms, and demonstrate complex functionality. Whatever you use SOLIDWORKS for, Demo3DVR enables you to demonstrate it interactively in the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, or any Microsoft MR headset. It’ll be great to see you there, and you can try it out for yourself. 

Emulate3D Tips and Tricks – The View Cube

New View Cube Control enables you to set up precise views, quickly!

To go to any of the 6 standard direction views, simply click the corresponding face on the View Cube
  • Click on an Edge Line of the cube to go to the given isometric view that edge line represents.
  • Use SHIFT + Drag the cube to dynamically rotate the view in 45 deg increments.
  • Use CTRL + Drag the cube to dynamically constrain the view angle about the vertical axis.
  • Use ALT + Drag the cube to dynamically constrain the view angle about the horizontal axis.

TIP! Use Combo Moves to get that perfect view angle! For example, Click the Front of the Cube to get to the Front View, then hold ALT while dragging the cube to tilt the view up, while maintaining the horizontal view axis!

*Editions that support this feature – [All 2018]

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