Emulate3D January Newsletter - UGM Dates Announced - Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS V2 Released - See you at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

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Date 28.01.2019

Emulate3D January 2019 Newsletter – UGM Dates Announced! – Meet us at SOLIDWORKS World with the New Demo3DVR – Tips and Tricks: The Black Box 

Emulate3D UGM 2019, May 14-16

The Graduate, Ann Arbor, Michigan – we’re back!

Hi Nick, if you have participated in any of the Emulate3D User Group Meetings so far, you’ll know they are packed full of real use-case presentations from users and interesting technical presentations from Emulate3D developers. Attendees tell us they learn so much from these events, and not just from the kick-off training day that we are again holding before the 2-day UGM, but also from discussing with their peers and the Emulate3D team. Click to register. 


We’ll be looking forward to all the new features in 2019 as well as covering those recent ones you may not yet be familiar with in 2018. As usual we’ll have something for everyone – whether you are a seasoned user of Emulate3D for Controls Testing, a throughput analyst using Sim3D to reduce your automation investment risk, or a project manager interested in displaying dynamic layout solutions in interactive VR environments, we have a Dynamic Digital Twin solution for you!

Click here to watch the video on YouTube now.


Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS V2 enables VR Interaction!

The new version of Demo3DVR now includes a SOLIDWORKS add-in which enables you to add joints and linked mechanisms to your SOLIDWORKS models and then interact with them within your virtual environment. Open doors, position robots, activate inverse kinematic mechanisms, and much more! Watch the video here or on YouTube, then contact your distributor to try it out.


Emulate3D is at booth 529 and
The AR/VR Experience Zone

We’ll be at SOLIDWORKS World 2019 showing off the new version of Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS with model interaction – you can open doors, operate mechanisms, and demonstrate complex functionality. Whatever you use SOLIDWORKS for, Demo3DVR enables you to demonstrate it interactively in the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, or any Microsoft MR headset. It’ll be great to see you there, and you can try it out for yourself. Watch the video here.


Black Box – Applications

Click here to go to the Webstore tutorial

A Black Box is a system which can be viewed in terms of inputs and outputs, but the internal workings are hidden. We can use this Black Box concept to produce an abstracted representation of all sorts of systems, from processing to storage, load sources to load sorting.

One important feature of the Black Box component is that it has an infinite capacity. It will always accept new loads, and an infinite number of loads can enter and be stored within the black box. Applications with set capacities are more complex cases which require more specialized and realistic components, such as racking or accumulation conveyor lengths.

That being said, there are many possible applications for this component, and this tutorial will look at the following examples in turn:

  • Load Creator with Strict Release Rate
  • Accumulation Buffer of Infinite Length
  • Abstracted Merges and Diverts
  • Temporary Storage / Processing of Loads
  • Sorting of Loads, Selective Processing, Diverting or Removal
  • Load Source with Finite Resources
  • Load Source with Multiple Load Types
  • Complex Processing of Loads with QuickLogic
  • Tool for Detailed Reporting in Sim3D
*Editions that support this feature – [All 2018]





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