Emulate3D July 2017 Newsletter - User Group Meeting Dates Announced!

Company Emulate3D
Date 07.07.2017

User Group Meeting in Salt Lake City
February 20-22, 2018 – Little America Hotel – Pack Your Skis!

The 2018 Emulate3D User Group Meeting will be held in the beautiful city of Salt Lake on Wednesday February 21 and Thursday February 22, preceded as usual by a day of intense product training sessions that you won’t want to miss on the 20th. Block out those dates in your calendar and get approval to attend, right now, because places are limited. Registration costs will be very similar to last year, and we’ll post those details and more in next month’s newsletter. Don’t forget that if your presentation is accepted, we’ll waive the registration costs, so start planning a great presentation!

The User Group Meeting is a great opportunity to hear from a wide variety of users the different ways in which they are creating value for their companies using Emulate3D technology. Emulate3D recently became a Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner, so you can expect to see developments in that area. It’s been a crazy year for Virtual and Augmented Reality as well, so you’ll be able to catch up with all the latest developments and try out the equipment at the same time! You’ll be inspired by your peers and you’ll have the chance to discuss your projects with them and the products’ developers and support team, so make a note of the dates and don’t miss this event!

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Stick around after the User Group Meeting

If you are at a loose end and you have the weekend free, why not extend your stay a day or so and join us on the slopes? Salt Lake has world class skiing just a short drive away from the city center, so why not have the family fly in for the weekend and make a break of it?

Discover The Motors Catalog

These components are designed to work together in various compositions to create simple and complex machinery motion, without the need for scripting.

Motors create motion according to settings of their Configuration properties, and by interacting with their Control properties. Motors have several configuration possibilities, so they may take on behaviors like pneumatic, electric, or servo actuators.

Joints (BindingJoints) are used to create constraint relationships between animated visuals.

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Want to Learn More?

Register for the On Line Introductory Workshop – July 10th to 14th

Need to find out more about what you could do with Emulate3D products? Register and attend the next on line Introductory Workshop – an hour per day for 5 days, with access to the full software and on line support for three weeks.

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