Emulate3D June 2018 Newsletter - New Wiring Manager Now Available - Tutorials and Video to Guide You

Company Emulate3D
Date 22.06.2018
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Discover the ECT Wiring Manager

Whether you are designing Baggage Handling Systems, Bottling Machines, or Distribution Centers, the Emulate3D Wiring Diagram is a great new part of your modeling and testing toolkit

When making Controls Testing models, the I/O of external controllers are bound to properties within Emulate3D. This lets you interface with motors, sensors and other equipment. In real life the process is often more complex. Signals from controllers are processed by control boxes and other equipment, which then control objects like conveyors. A PLC may use a single tag to set a motor state, which sends a signal to a control box. This controller will require a number of other signals and calculations before directly changing the state of the motor. The Wiring Diagram controller allows you to model this “extra layer” of processing between your PLCs and your models.

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Overview of Wiring Manager Functionality
Use a 2D editing environment to create, visualise, and debug the connections between visuals within Emulate3D, and between a PLC and the model. Add diagram items into the diagram, which can represent visuals within the model or tags on a connected PLC.
Click here to see the video on YouTube, and here to access the Web Store tutorial.

Create and edit connection arrows between inputs and outputs on diagram items to control bindings. Connection arrows show the connection’s value and update in real time. Force the value of connections to see how the system responds. Expand visual diagram items to inspect detail inside the layer for that visual.
Click here to see the video on YouTube, and here to access the Web Store tutorial.

Add diagram items inside another item to create layers. Drag and drop items to configure the inputs and outputs on a visual diagram item. Save components and sub-components to catalogs for use in future projects.
Click here to see the video on YouTube, and here to access the Web Store tutorial.


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