Emulate3D Monthly Newsletter - Keep Your Skills Updated - UGM Agenda - See us at TechEd

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Date 10.05.2019

Emulate3D May 2019 Newsletter – Keep Your Skills Updated – UGM Agenda – See us at TechEd

Sharpen Your Skills, Get Better Results

Emulate3D technology is used by a wide range of people from many different industries with diverse requirements and objectives. Some users are pretty much full time Emulate3D project developers, while others may start it up just a few times a year. In all cases there is a need to approach modeling efficiently, and to achieve useful results as cost-effectively as possible. Keeping up to date with new features as they are added and maintaining a high level of awareness of best practices can be a challenge.

We at Emulate3D are conscious of this and have developed several options in response to this need. The User Group Meeting training is a part of this, and attendees will be shown new functionality and the different ways to use it to their benefit. For those who won’t be attending the UGM, we hold basic online workshops once each month which are free to existing customers, and are an ideal way for new users to get started. Beyond that we offer cost-effective online training and project mentoring by the hour to help you get the best out of your investment, create the Dynamic Digital Twins you need, and deliver your projects on time.

To find out more about Emulate3D training and mentoring options, contact Tyler Phillips now. 


The Emulate3D 2019 User Group Meeting is just around the corner, so this Newsletter would be incomplete without a full agenda. If you are not coming to the UGM but you are interested in any of the presentations, please contact us.

May 14 – Pre-UGM Workshop
This year’s workshop is designed to have something for everyone – it’s fully hands-on, and will go from beginner level through to glimpses of expert level, with a healthy focus on the mid-range skill set. It’ll incorporate many of the new features offered by CAD is The Model (CITM).


  • Introduction to Aspects & CITM
  • Adding Kinematic Joints to Imported CAD Geometry
  • Adding Motors to Kinematic Joints


  • Controlling Joint Systems with Quick Script
  • Solving Mechanisms Using Scripts  
  • Putting Your Functional CAD into Context


  • Using Dynamic Joints
  • Adding Motors to Dynamic Joints
  • Exploring Physics Interactions


  • Reporting Live Information
  • Creating a Custom Aspect
  • Setting up Custom Toolbars


  • Modelling Processes Abstractly with the Black Box 
  • Tuning a Dynamic Joint Systems with Experiments
  • Automating Experimentation

Tuesday evening will feature a social event sponsored by Rockwell Automation. Timing details will be communicated during the Tuesday morning welcome address.

The Emulate3D 2019 UGM will be held May 15 and 16 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Emulation Reduces Development Time for the Machine Builder
John Kolodziey, Wayne Automation
Trends in technology, customer preferences, and design philosophy are continually challenging a machine builder’s approach to a project. Emulation with a digital twin offers ways to face those challenges in reducing development time, fostering communication, and reducing the risk of implementing new concepts.
Simulation and Emulation through the Plant Development Cycle
Steffen Hertling, SimPlan
This presentation will use a selection of application examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of Emulate3D technology throughout the development cycle in plant engineering. It covers high-level simulation and emulation applications in different fields.
Flexmove Custom Catalog
Alec Poulton, Glenvern Associates
The Flexmove custom catalog is a great example of how the flexible framework can be used to create a parametric and responsive set of components for rapid model building and the automatic creation of an intelligent BOM.
Optimizing Simulation Models With High Load Counts
Donald Montgomery, Haskell
An explanation of the different stages of development of Haskell’s use of the Emulate3D products over the years, with a candid explanation of the pros and cons of various approaches to building mass flow models.
Delivering customer led solutions with Emulate3D over 14 years
Andy Parsons, AutoLogic Systems
A fast-paced presentation giving an overview of a selection of case studies reflecting the flexibility available within the Emulate3D framework. Studies include machine design, large scale simulations, equipment configurators and some unusual leverage of the framework.
Rockwell Automation TechEd – June 2-7 2019, Orlando Florida
This week long event offers over 180 unique sessions, including thought-provoking keynote presentations, expert-led technical sessions and interactive hands-on labs and demonstrations. Find out more and Register now!

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