Emulate3D Monthly Newsletter - User Group Meeting Special!

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Date 24.04.2019

Emulate3D April 2019 Newsletter – User Group Meeting Special – Training Agenda – Presentation Previews – Register to Attend the 2019 UGM Now!


Improve Your Skills – Get Trained by The Experts

As in previous years, we will be offering a day of training for those who wish to benefit from the event by honing their technical skills in several high-value and interactive sessions run by our experienced trainers.
The workshop sessions will focus on developing skills to get the most out of the new features in the 2018 release as well as providing a glimpse of features in the upcoming 2019 release.

Training Workshop includes:

  • Importing and Marking Up CAD within Emulate3D Using Aspects
  • Defining and Controlling Complex Physical Mechanisms
  • Applying Different Forms of Control Logic, Including Custom Aspects
  • Creating the Right Type of Control for the Job
  • Making the Most of Catalogs such as Transfers, Vehicles, Storage, and Processing


While it is an important message that your attendance at the UGM is likely to improve your productivity and awareness of what you can achieve with Emulate3D technology thanks to the training offered  at the event, we think it’s equally useful to see how the products are used by other companies. Take a sneak peek below at some of the presentations we’ll be featuring at the UGM in just  a few weeks.We appreciate your willingness to present your experiences to your peer group, and we are frequently amazed by the uses to which the products are put. Come along and be prepared to be amazed…

Rapid Emulation Development for a Demonstration Work Cell – Mati Chessin, The Dennis Group
 This presentation will describe a recent digital twin modeling effort to replicate a combined manual/robotic demonstration loop. In only a week, we had to skin a 6-axis robot, connect to two PLCs,  manage giant CAD files, coordinate between three companies, and debug code, all while system details were changing daily.Creating Unique & Interesting Digital Twins, Emulations, and Hybrid Simulation/ Emulation Models – Sheldon Smith, Haskell
This presentation will present several case studies showing how Haskell has created emulation models that are unique in their functionality.  Examples will include integration of vehicles similar to MagneMotion’s independent cart technology, one-way digital twins that recreate a digital representation of an existing system, and emulation models that utilize predictive line control to maximize throughput with a sub-optimal design.

Using Emulate3D Technology at Infinity MECDoug Wegner, Infinity MEC
This presentation starts with importing 2D CAD of the system layout and goes all the way to connecting PLCs to the model for controls testing with Emulate3D. It’s a “soup to nuts” account of how Infinity MEC gets value from their workflow and how it also produces significant benefits for their customers. 

Creating a Flexible Demo3D Catalog for FlexMove/Dorner – Alec Poulton, Glenvern
This presentation shows how Demo3D is being used to incorporate customer CAD and Demo3D functionality to provide a unique conveyor building environment for quoting, visualisation and simulation. It will discuss how Demo3D is being used to improve that process and reduce errors in sales proposals.

Simulation and Emulation through the Plant Development Cycle – Steffen Hertling, Simplan
This presentation will use a selection of application examples to demonstrate the effectiveness of Emulate3D technology throughout the development cycle in plant engineering. It covers high-level simulation and emulation applications in different fields.

Optimizing Simulation Models With High Load Counts – Donald Montgomery, Haskell
This presentation will show users multiple ways to simulate systems that contain tens of thousands of loads. Haskell has developed tools to capture every single load as it moves through the simulation for more accurate results for improving design and testing controls logic.


And so much more from users, and of course Emulate3D developers, not to mention the other attendees. There is much, much, more we want to tell you about CAD is The Model, robots, integration with robot simulators, vehicle systems, VR, AR, future developments in 2019, and of course, the new opportunities offered by our acquisition by Rockwell Automation. This is the UGM you should not miss.



Attend the UGM for Free!*

We’ll waive the registration fee if you present at the UGM this year – show your peers what you’ve been working on, how you create great models, or share your experiences with us all. Not only will your boss be impressed that you saved $875, but you’ll double your chances of winning the great door prize! All you have to do is prepare a 30 minute presentation and contact us to get it approved, and you are golden!
* To be clear – your boss still gets to pay for travel and accommodation; we waive the registration fee for the UGM and the training day for one presenter. Hey, that’s still a great deal! 


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