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Date 04.09.2020

Emulate3D September Newsletter – 12 Days To Go And Counting – Virtual Training and UGM Agenda – Register Now!

12 Days To Go And Counting…

The Emulate3D 2020 Virtual User Group Meeting (Sept 15-17) plans are coming together and we have an exciting and engaging agenda for all levels of user, combining technical training, user success stories, and new feature reveals! Learn more and register now.

Here’s the provisional agenda: 

Day 1 – September 15 – Training Day

  • Session 1: CAD Is The Model – Adding Aspects to Models in CAD or E3D
  • Session 2: Adding Aspects to Robots and Creating Behaviors
  • Session 3: Creating Model Control and Product Flow Logic
  • Session 4: Connecting The Model to The Cloud-Based Controller

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We’ll be training attendees at the Virtual UGM and including worked examples of how to implement various features at all levels. Don’t miss it!

Day 2 – September 16 – Virtual User Group Meeting

  • Haskell – The Future of Digital Twins: Emulating Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • UMD Automated Systems – Tire and Rubber Handling
  • Emulate3D – The New Robot Framework
  • Simplan – Virtual commissioning of a warehouse control system (SAP EWM MFS) including the creation of business graphs using the SimPlan reporting tool SimAssist
  • Emulate3D  – Simulation Updates
  • ICT Group – Introducing The Emulate3D Independent Cart Technology Catalog
  • What’s New in 2020
  • Virtual Social Event and Q&A in AltSpace VR


User presentations cover recent trainee experiences all the way up to seasoned veterans – there is truly something for everyone. Day 2 traditionally ends with the much-discussed What’s New in 2020, when new features and upgrades are revealed in all their technical glory. The Virtual Social Event and Q&A in AltSpace VR will be the ideal opportunity to find out more!

Day 3 – September 17 – Virtual User Group Meeting

  • Infinity Machine – Paper Handling System Emulation
  • The Dennis Group – Modeling and Emulation in Practice
  • PremierTech – Winning Customers’ Trust
  • Emulate3D – Independent Cart Technology Catalog
  • Automation Intelligence – UPS Eindhoven Full Facility Simulation
  • Emulate3D – CAD Is The Model Updates
  • AutoLogic Systems – Baggage Handling Systems and Emulation
  • Emulate3D – Web path animator and extruder


Experience a variety of user success stories 
This year our user presentations will cover tire and rubber, airport baggage handling systems, large e-commerce distribution centers, paper handling systems, and many more, so register now and don’t miss a thing!
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But Wait – There’s More!
Not only have we got an agenda packed with twelve hours of learning and experiences spread over three days, but we’ve also made significant bonus content available to attendees during and after the event. In some cases we just didn’t have the time to go into the details during the main event, so we’ve added extra content for those who are interested in learning more. We’ve curated and made public for the first time over fifty video Q&A sessions which are a real gold mine of information on a wide variety of subjects, so register to reserve your place at the event now!
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It will come as no surprise to learn that a growing number of users are looking to demonstrate solutions to their clients remotely, and Emulate3D’s VR solutions are a great way to do that. We would like to thank Cody Cook of Perception Engineering for spotting the opportunities offered by the combination of Demo3DVR and the Demo3D viewer and writing about it in his blog.

Click on the image to read Cody’s article.

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