Emulate3D September 2017 Newsletter - Real-time Model Interaction with the HTC Vive

Company Emulate3D
Date 15.09.2017

Now That’s What I Call Mixed Reality
How To Sell and Develop AMHS Projects Better and Faster, Communicate More Effectively and for Less Cost, and Minimise Your CO2 Emissions

Sounds too good to be true? Consider the following – you need to present a new system design to a client who has sent you the initial spec. It could be a machine, or it could be a larger system, but it’s a semi-automatic system tailored to the client’s requirements and which involves operator intervention.

Step 1Present your initial solution to the client: Create any client-specific parts in CAD, and make them operational in Demo3D, adding generic components from catalogs where necessary. Enter the virtual world of the Vive or the Rift, and film the operator working the machine (click here to check out the video). Remember – your clients or colleagues can join you remotely in the model – just send them the IP address and they can observe your solution in action, check clearances, get an idea of cycle times, all pretty much as though the real system was right in front of them.

Step 2Develop the solution: You’ve won the project, and now the development work begins. Where you’d previously take a day to fly to progress meetings, now you call and meet in the model. You’ll see participants as avatars with a head, body and hands, and who can point, teleport, and speak to each other. No carbon footprint, no taxis, flights, or hotel costs, and meetings just as short or as long as they need to be.

Step 3: Train the operators: The real machine is in operation and you can’t afford to stop production for training, and any downtime is for inspection and maintenance. The digital twin is available, however, and accurately represents the real system. Operators can be trained in the correct operation of the system with real cycle times, and repeatable errors can be introduced to train them in safe shut down and recovery modes, without wasting real products or risking operator safety.

Contact us now to find out how to use Emulate3D technology and virtual reality to accomplish this.

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