Emulate3D September 2018 Newsletter

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Date 06.09.2018

Emulate3D September 2018 Newsletter – CAD is The Model Technology to be in upcoming 2018 release – New interactive model to be showcased at IMTS

New Interactive Virtual Commissioning Model at IMTS

See you in Chicago McCormick Sept 10-15

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of using Emulate3D technology to create virtual prototypes of semi-automatic machines, we’ve created a new model for the upcoming IMTS show. Designed to showcase the various elements that combine to make this a cost-effective and safe way to demonstrate system operation and train operators, the model includes a linear transfer device, a robot, operator assembly, and an instruction screen. Attendees at the show will be invited to enter into the model using a Virtual Reality headset and controllers, then operate the system and carry out an assembly task. Watch a video about VR virtual protyping and training here.
Many semi-automatic machines rely on operator dexterity for various actions before completing the cycle with an automated action. The model accurately shows this as users can position parts and operate machinery using hand-held VR controllers.

VR virtual prototyping enables you to produce a fully tested design faster and for less than using conventional methods. Design the model in CAD, then turn it into a Dynamic Digital Twin either using the SOLIDWORKS Emulate3D for Machine Builders add-in or by marking up the CAD within Emulate3D. Connect it to the real control system or create operational logic, and then interact with it within a virtual environment. You can then verify cycle times, demonstrate it using green screen, and even have remote stakeholders join you in the model for a walk-through. Making changes is fast and inexpensive, and you’ll arrive at an optimal design faster than is possible otherwise. Once the real machine is in operation, the model serves as a non-disruptive and safe way to train your operators.

Make Your CAD Dynamic in Demo3D 2018

The features to mark up your CAD in SOLIDWORKS using the Emulate3D ribbon are also to be included in the upcoming Demo3D, Sim3D, and Emulate3D 2018 product ranges. You’ll benefit from the ability to import CAD from a wide range of industry formats and then transform it into dynamic elements that can be driven by internal logic or external controllers. Enterprise users will also be able to extend the ribbon functionality to incorporate your company workflow and mechanisms.

Tip of the month: Search Control Panels

Did you know you can search control panels in Demo3D? Simply Right Click on a column header and select Show Search Panel. This will bring up the search bar so you can search by visual name.

You can close it again just as easily by Right Clicking and selecting Hide Search Panel, or by pressing the Close button.

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